Ship 904

McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-31 series

manufacturer serial number - 47159

assembly line number - 231

date of manufacture - 28 November 1967

date of delivery - 02 January 1968

Fourth DC-9 aircraft for North Central Airlines

20 December 1972 - Aircraft destroyed after collision on runway at Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport with a Delta Airlines Convair 880 (N8807E).

Synopsis: During a foggy evening at O'Hare International, a miscommunication between the crew of a taxiing Delta Airlines Convair 880 turbojet and O'Hare Ground Control led the Delta airliner to cross runway 27L as North Central's DC-9-31 Ship 904 was taking off on that same runway. The DC-9 crew attempted to clear the Delta jet after just becoming airborne, but clipped the tail of the CV-880 with the North Central "Nine" veering off to the right and making a hard landing on adjacent runway 32L. A post crash fire developed in the DC-9 with 10 of its 41 passengers succumbing to smoke inhalation / burns. The remaining passengers and crew of the North Central airliner as well as the passengers and crew aboard the Convair 880 successfully evacuated their respective aircraft.

For the full NTSB accident report - click on this link: http://www.airdisaster.com/reports/ntsb/AAR73-15.pdf

note: large file size - may take several minutes to download - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Total Aircraft Hours: 11,813

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